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Who we are

FCK Engenharia e Construção Ltd, is mainly engaged in the general contract of CIVIL CONSTRUCTION, REHABILITATION and REMODELING. In addition to these activities, it also ensures the study of projects and their optimization, a specialized technical support, legalization, licensing and coordination of the construction works.
Our main goals as a company are to guarantee the Quality of our work and Customer Satisfaction , thus we are governed by Excellence, Passion, Honesty, Commitment and Availability - structuring values that we consider essential in the fulfillment of those goals.
Although it is a relatively recent company, FCK is already a reference company in what quality constructions are concerned. By placing at the disposal of its customers the wide professional experience of its collaborators who have been tied to civil construction and public works for almost 20 years; by having participated in the construction of small and large construction works not only in Portugal but also abroad; and by guaranteeing high levels of competence, professionalism and quality in the work developed by the company.

FCK guarantees to its Customers:

  • The execution of the work with maximum rigor and quality
  • Compliance with construction deadlines
  • Strict compliance with the initial budget
  • A follow-up of the work carried out by a specialized technician


Aware of the importance of each investment, we quantify, budget and plan the solutions we propose, seeking to offer methods and work techniques that best suit each project, always with the best price for the best service.


Fully oriented and focused on customer satisfaction, through an honest, total, transparent and customized service.


We are continuously committed and dedicated to guaranteeing our customers the highest quality in the work carried out.


For that, we make available our Technical Panel, who studies the most favorable and adequate technical solutions to the scope of the construction works and for all types of work - Construction, Remodeling, Rehabilitation or Maintenance.

Our Team

FCK has its own team of engineers and architects who manage each of our projects, coordinated by the company´s associates founding engineers.

Equipa FCK

Gilberto Cardoso

Civil Engineer

+351 962 184 852

João Duarte

Civil Engineer

+351 968 708 417

Services - what we do


Construction of homes, offices, warehouses or other units, whether they are housing or industries. We are also able to carry out works involving areas of public spaces, like urban furniture, landscaping and pavements, ditches and infrastructures.


Rehabilitation of buildings, as opposed to new construction, is now a major task worldwide, for a variety of reasons, including preservation of cultural values, environmental protection and associated socio-economic advantages.

In this sense, FCK bets on this area of activity, counting on a technical staff experienced and qualified to manage interventions of this nature.

In the rehabilitation of real estate are included works that seek to recover a building, be it a building, a shop, an apartment or a dwelling, or any other building that presents itself totally or partially degraded. There is now a range of materials and processes that address a wide variety of pathologies that buildings present. Knowing how to evaluate and choose the systems that suit each situation, in tune with the best suppliers of materials, is of extreme relevance for quality rehab.

Thus, we offer our services to:

  • Integral rehabilitation of buildings;
  • Structural reinforcement at foundations, walls and floors;
  • Rehabilitation of facades of buildings;
  • Rehabilitation of roofs of buildings;
  • Rehabilitation / Remodeling of outdoor spaces;


Or renovation of spaces, usually interiors, giving them a new function, redistribution of areas, new finishes and equipment. Remodeling can also be light as a painting, or as deep as changing walls and replacing plumbing, sewerage and electricity. This area involves knowing the trends and assessing well with the client what he intends to advise you on technical issues and assist you in choosing the materials and coating equipment.


Whether it is a housing construction project, a commercial space or an industrial building, we have a project office capable of responding to the challenges that our clients put us.

More information about our services

  • We support the client on the best solutions and materials for his/her work
  • Honesty and Transparency in customer relations
  • We guarantee the use of quality material and the execution according to the good rules of the art of construction
  • A monitoring of the work carried out by a specialized, qualified and available technician whenever the client needs
  • The deadlines to which we propose to carry out the work are strictly controlled and complied with
  • Compliance with existing legislation, maintaining the conditions of Safe Work.
  • Respect for the environment, treatment and recovery of all CDWs (Construction and Demolition Waste, or waste debris) by authorized agents in accordance with the current regulations
Serviços FCK


Moradia em Mafra

6 meses - Mafra

Moradia na Aroeira

3 meses - Aroeira

Dwelling in Cascais

6 months - Cascais

Dwelling at Quinta da Marinha

3 months - Cascais - Qta da Marinha

Dwelling in Caselas

6 months - Lisboa - Caselas

Moradia em Palmela

10 meses - Palmela

Remodeling of Dwelling in Restelo

2 months - Lisboa - Restelo

Dwelling in Ajuda

6 months - Lisboa - Ajuda

Moradia em Queluz

5 meses - Queluz

Moradia em Queluz II

5 meses - Queluz

Dwelling Praça de Londres

4 months - Lisboa - Pç. Londres

Rehabilitation of Dwelling in Fanqueiro

3 months - Loures - Fanqueiro

Moradia em Caselas III

5 meses - Lisboa - Caselas

Infraestruturas Hotel Mundial

3 meses - Lisboa - Martim Moniz

Moradia em Queijas

3 meses - Oeiras - Queijas

Rehabilitation of House in Sacavém

6 months - Sacavém

Hotel Portugal - Lobby

1 mês - Lisboa - Martim Moniz

Apartamento em Campolide

4 meses - Lisboa - Campolide

Remodeling of an Apartment at Expo

3 months - Lisboa - Parque das Nações

Remodeling of an Apartment at Expo II

3 months - Lisboa - Parque das Nações

Remodeling of an Apartment at Expo III

3 months - Lisboa - Parque das Nações

Remodeling of an Apartment at Expo IV

5 months - Lisboa - Parque das Nações

Apartamento no edifício Biarritz

3 meses - Cascais

Apartamento no Lumiar

4 meses - Lisboa - Lumiar

Apartamento em Telheiras

4 meses - Lisboa - Telheiras

Apartamentos no Bairro Alto

5 meses - Lisboa - Bairro Alto

Reconversion of Duplex at Rua dos Açores

3 months - Lisboa - Estefânia

Duplex no Estoril

3 meses - Cascais -  Estoril

Apartamento na Costa da Caparica

3 meses - Almada - Costa da Caparica

Remodeling of an Apartment at Av. Guerra Junqueiro

3 months - Lisboa

Studio apartments in Mouraria

3 months - Lisboa - Mouraria

Remodeling of Apartment at Av. Madrid

3 months - Lisboa - Areeiro

Iluminação Hotel Mundial

1 mês - Lisboa - Martim Moniz

Rehabilitation of building in Alfama

3 months - Lisboa - Alfama

Studio apartments in Castelo

5 months (UNDER CONSTRUCTION) - Lisboa - Castelo

Remodeling of Roca building

2 months - Lisboa - Restauradores

Universidade Aberta - Av. Almirante Barroso

4 months - Lisboa

Facades of building Pollux

2 months - Lisboa - Baixa Pombalina

Pollux Restaurant

2 months - Lisboa - Baixa Pombalina

Restaurant at Mercado da Vila in Cascais

4 months - Cascais

Execution of Restaurant at Shopping El Corte Inglés

2 months - Lisboa

Cellar at Principe Real

2 month - Lisboa - Principe Real

Remodelação do Rooftop Bar do Hotel Mundial

1 mês - Lisboa - Martim Moniz

Escritórios em Alenquer

3 meses - Alenquer

Escritórios no Prior Velho

3 meses - Loures - Prior Velho

Call Center at Quinta do Lambert

2 months - Lisboa

Escritórios da Secretaria Geral da Educação e Ciência

4 meses - Lisboa - Av. 24 Julho

Escritórios em Alcântara

2 meses - Lisboa - Alcantâra

Clínica Médica no Banzão

7 meses - Sintra - Colares

Show Room of Madeicentro in Lisbon

1 month - Lisboa - Alcântara

Showroom da Distrikt na Expo

3 meses - Lisboa - Parque das Nações

968708417 / 962184852

Rua Nau Catrineta, 14 A
1990-186 Lisboa


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